Trip to Mozambique Island and Pemba
Update on travel: July 1999


Trip details:
Date: 26/6/99 .. 18/7/99 (23 days)
Route: Komatipoort / Maputo / Vilanculos / Caia / Quelimane / Nampula / Mozambique Island / Pemba

Condition of roads. Almost the entire road from Komatipoort to Beira via Maputo is in very good condition. Beware of potholes ±50 km after the bridge on Save river. 'EN6' to Beira is being upgraded and there is plenty of road works and tracks.

The first ±150 km (up to Inhaminga) of road from ‘EN6’ to Caia on Zambezi river is definitely the worst section we encountered and the only one which required 4x4 (and our poor Venture - some help...). Apparently this road becomes very difficult to negotiate after heavier rains in the summer. Beware of going through Chitengo or around the Gorongosa Park - these roads are no longer in use.

The road between Zambezi and Nicuadala is being repaired, remaining ±40 km to Quelimane is in perfect condition, recently upgraded.

Most of the road between Quelimane to Nampula has been repaired, bridges are also under construction. There are still occassional bypasses. Tar is missing between Namacurra and Mocuba (for approximately 50 km) as well as around Alto Molocue (±50 km before and ±100 km after). The remaining part of this road,up to Nampula, is in perfect condition. Road to Mozambique Island is good, road to Pemba - excellent but only up to the bridge on the border with Cabo Delgado (the remaining section - under construction).
Beware of speed traps - these are becoming quite popular but police is ussually very friendly and opened for negotiations...

Fuel. Fuel stations are available maximum every 400 km, on average you have to budget approximately MT 7000/l of petrol and MT 4500/l of diesel.

Pemba: Accomodation in Complexo Nautilus (at Wimbe beach), USD 65 to 85. Hotel Cabo Delgado (in town): MT 435,000 per room. Diving: there is well equipped diving shop at the beach, boat trips cost USD 25/hour, air fills at USD 5. You can also contact Cotil LDA (in town, two houses from the hospital), fax 2352, they charge USD 25 for the 1st dive and USD 20 therafter (fully equipped). There are well equipped shops, a few bakeries, pharmacy, art shops, banks, garage. For medical advice ask for "Andre's house" (on Wimbe beach). Visit to the "old town" near the harbour is highly recommended.

Mozambique Island: Definitely the highlight of our trip. Here are some pictures: Pictures from Mozambique Island...

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